The ultimate gift for the dog lover / owner. Websites, tee shirts, Christmas, Holiday, cards.

All of your friends are online.
Doesn't your dog deserve a web presence too?

Have you ever thought about the reasons why your dog needs a website?
Sure it's the ultimate dog owner gift, but with a website your dog could ...

Bryn the Goldendoodle meets Laura
  • Share thoughts and photos with friends and family.
  • Exchange health, food and other tips via his/her online blog.
  • Have an online venue to freely express his/her feelings.
  • Declare love for his/her owner.
  • Show others how smart and irresistable he/she truly is.
  • Vent pent-up doggy frustration.
  • Show everyone how much he/she is loved!
  • Own bragging rights at the Dog Park.

A dog with his/her own website is one happy dog!

Now your friends and family will be able to understand and appreciate your dog much better than they ever could before. In a short time it will become obvious to all why your dog is honest-to-goodness the best dog ever! And for your lucky dog, this will translate into more head scratches and belly rubs when friends come to visit! Yes, online dogs are happy dogs!

In has never been easier for your dog
to "speak" his/her mind!

Now your dog can say "Happy Birthday," give loving thanks, or just be his/her snarky self through a great personalized website by

We offer a personalized Website Gift Package for dog lovers.

His/her website will be as individual as he/she is. You or your dog simply fill out a fun questionnaire and supply photos. does the rest! Get the Ultimate Gift Package for yourself (to honor your own dog) or for a friend, as a truly unique ... and we mean unique ... dog lover gift!

The Ultimate Gift Package includes:

  1. A website (at least 6 pages), built by your dog (with our help), including his/her own email, and featuring a professionally drawn b&w digital portrait of your dog. View sample site.

  2. A frame-worthy Certificate of Congratulations for owning an online dog.

  3. Bonus Gift -- An 8-1/2" x 11" print of your dog's digital portrait, on high-quality photo paper.

  4. Bonus Gift -- Ten personalized note cards, (and matching envelopes) featuring your dog's digital portrait

  5. Bonus Gift -- A donation equal to 5% of your purchase made to the animal welfare group of your choice, with each ultimate website package that you buy!

Order now!

picture of website
picture of website

Want to order the Ultimate Website Gift Package?
Getting your lucky dog online is easy and fun!

Step 1. Choose the website pages you want your dog to use on his/her personalized site, and
Step 2. Order now using Paypal!

You can buy artwork of your pet or personalilzed note cards individually.

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