If you are giving the website as a gift,

here is some important info...

  1. If you have a specific delivery date, give us 4-weeks lead time so that we can deliver your gift on time.

  2. The gift recipient will get a USPS Priority Mail package containing:
    1. Ten personalized note cards beautifully packaged in a pawprint drawstring organza bag,
    2. An 8-1/2" x 11" digital print or their dog.
    3. A card stating that a donation has been made in his/her/dog's name to [specific animal welfare group.]
    4. A printed certificate that states that [dog's name] with the assistance of [your name] has officially gone online and can now be viewed at: [web address]

  3. If you do not have enough pictures, don't worry. As long as you have one photo, from which we can get a good likeness of the dog's face (and that is big enough for the home page) we can always add the rest later. We will use stock photos in the meantime.

  4. Be sure to consider the personalized Gift Box Page option. It adds a lot to the gift-receiving experience, and costs only an additional $10 to include. (It does not count as one of the six included web pages.) View page here.

  5. Also, consider the Message From My Heart page. This page is great for the dog to send a heartfelt message to his wonderful owner -- for all to see, or for a private message. Maybe the dog might announce that he knows someone bought tickets to the opera for his/her owner. Use your imagination and have fun! Also, for an optional extra $75, this page will be updated 4 times in the coming year with a new message. Great for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, special messages, etc. Each time the message is changed, the gift-recipient will get an email message from letting them know that their dog has a new message for them, so to be sure to view their dog's site. View page here.

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