Tom, the Dog Tamer's
Tip of the Week!

Tom the Dog Tamer has been rehabilitating dogs for over 10 years. He has successfully corrected all behavior problems, large and small, through one-on-one training sessions in his clients' homes. He is based in northern New Jersey and is a #1 rated NJ trainer. You can visit The Dog Tamer site now.

"Tom is one of the greatest guys I have met so far in my short doodle life. He always seems to know exactly what I am thinking. It makes me really happy to have him around to help my Forever Family understand me better, and to show me how to be the best Family Dog I can be. I'm proud to call Tom one of my closest friends!"
            -- Bryn, The Goldendoodle, Celebrity Spokesdog

Tom, The Dog Tamer, and Doom!

Here's Tom with his great buddy
and inspiration, Doom.

The Dog Tamer's Tip of the Week
for August 1, 2013

"Don't let dogs drink out of puddles. They may accidentally ingest antifreeze. This is the main reason I never let my dogs drink out of puddles -- wherever we are. I don't want them to get in the dangerous habit of doing so. And to make it worse, the sweet taste of antifreeze attracts dogs. Even a small amount of antifreeze can kill a dog."


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